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About french expressions

Now I see english people using french expressions all of the time on the internet, and they ALWAYS do it wrong. This is starting to be annoying, especially when one guy say it right and another dude comes and is like "you got it wrong, it's [insert wrong expression here]". When you don't know what you're talking about, shut the hell up!!

It's "Voilà"; Viola is the past tense of the verb "To rape".

"Chef d'Oeuvre", "Coup d'État", "Hors d'Oeuvre"; Don't forget the freaking apostrophe! And if you can, add the accent on the "é", please.

Okay, it's not such a big deal, we make mistakes in french with english expression too after all. But if you care about other languages and how smart you might look by using real french expressions in conversations, check this web page.
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Needed a place to rant, this looks like the perfect place, right after myspace! So let me get this straight;

1. If I'm posting a mindless rant, I'll make it private or friend-only.
2. I might post everyday normal stuff, which I'll make public.
3. I'm direct like that. If I post something on your journals that you find utterly offending, you're probably over-sensible and need help.

When you get to know me, you know I'm a nice guy actually ^_^

With that said, welcome and good bye!
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